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Our fresh and casual concept is based on serving high-quality food faster than full-service restaurants.

"My absolute favorite spot around UofT. FRESH BREAD, FRESH VEGGIES, FRESH PASTA. Everything is cooked in front of you. 5/5 will always recommend."

John D'Souza

Great place for a quick lunch. Everything I’ve gotten here has good quality, fresh ingredients.
I recommend the chicken Saj wrap (or feta wrap for vegetarians) with sweet Chile and/or garlic Parmesan sauce. Choose your own veggies+ hot sauce option.
Pasta is also tasty and a generous proportion for what you pay.

Yvonne C

Our Clients Testimonials...

"I love their wraps. The wrap (referring to the actual bread that wraps the food) is made fresh right in front of you. So delicious!" 

David Hiiback

"Saj makes things fresh that is the only reason I frequent the place. Their wraps use fresh dough for its bread instead of a premade pita. Their pizzas are also super delicious."

Dhrupad Kaplish

"A must-try. Inexpensive and really good wraps. They make the Saj bread to order, so it comes hot and tasty!"

Erasmo Takada

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